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Youtholistic has evolved from years of experience working with children and young people in both education and social care settings. Through our work we have noted the positive benefits of a holistic approach to supporting individuals through life’s many challenges.


We are therefore strong advocates of the belief that catering for the social and emotional needs of a child or young person has a positive impact on their wellbeing and learning.


We work with young people who are challenged in education and the education environment. Those with Special Educational Needs (SEN) Education and Health Care Plans (EHC) Plans.

Our education and support specialists consist of a team of highly experienced professionals from a range of education support disciplines, the arts and mental health professions. We work with children and young people to achieve their academic and personal potential by empowering them to recognise and celebrate their worth.


We work with Schools and Colleges, Virtual Schools, Care Homes and Social Care, supporting you to build a team around the children and young people in your care.